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Vibration control and isolation is a specialist area in which NVM has a proven track record gained through working on many diverse projects.
NVM is highly experienced in designing for, and evaluating, buildings where low levels of vibration are critical, for example, nano-technology facilities and clean rooms.
Projects may be particular to your company or industry, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Noise / Acoustics

Noise and sound are one in the same; it's normally described as noise if it is unwanted. Noise can become an annoyance and common law has treated noise and vibration within a category of behaviour known as nuisance.

We have many years' experience working in the industrial sector, for example, industrial processing, manufacturing, transportation – railways / roads / airports, power generation – oil / gas / wind farms and working offshore.

Acoustics play a large part in the design of any new building. Ideally noise should be 'planned out' at the design stage to avoid costly alterations post-construction. If however you are in this situation, NVM are able to identify acoustic problems in an existing building and provide recommendations for improvements.

Structural Dynamics

The performance of buildings of complex or unusual design for human occupation or special production processes must be considered in a number of ways. Machines must be supported on foundations of one type or another and, inevitably, there will be vibratory motion. There are limits to desirable or allowable vibration in all occupation and constructed situations. Computer models can be built and subjected to forces or motions so that performance may be predicted, or as an aid to solving problems.

Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) can affect the performance of certain instruments, 'tools' or machinery, in medical research, semi-conductor manufacturing ('wafer fabs'), pharmaceutical industry, etc.
It can be critical to avoid siting such equipment in locations subject to strong magnetic fields.

Additional Services;

Specification writing for procurement of equipment;  NVM can undertake modelling to predict output of machinery in order to provide realistic targets for tendering companies to achieve.

 Witness testing of machines; to ensure compliance with a particular specification, NVM can carry out testing and reporting.

 Lectures and training seminars; these can be arranged to suit client requirements in any area of NVM expertise.

 Expert witness; NVM can provide case management services with regards to legal, planning consent issues and hearings in court situations.

 Underwater noise measurements and surveys; NVM can assist in this specialist area, in addition to offshore work.